Professional Still Photography


Quality real estate photography makes selling your home easier. A Redfin study shows how good photography and detailed floor plans translates to your listings selling faster and for more. The difference between what a professional photographer can do versus you with a smart phone is night and day. It’s the same reason a client hires a Realtor instead of listing themselves.

See for yourself. These pictures are the same listing.

iPhone in landscape mode

Canon 6D with 16mm wide angle lens & speedlight

To ensure HGTV-ready pictures, we work with you on the best way to stage your listing. Our background in film and television means we go in with an eye towards what looks best on camera. We also know what it means to make tight deadlines. Expect your magazine-quality photography to be ready and delivered with same-day turnaround.

Matterport 3D

the third dimension of listings

Following the growing trend towards virtual reality, Matterport provides a cutting-edge immersive experience for all your listings. Even the best stills won’t capture a space for a potential buyer like really being there can. Matterport puts you there.

Matterport provides a 360-degree interactive tour designed to save you time. Get real leads excited and cut out those just filling a tour. Realtors: protect your time.

With Matterport, listings sell faster. Period.

Press play below to experience a Matterport tour or simply click on the image to see an example of our floorplans. Note that in addition to a JPG with the entire home, you’ll also receive a floorplan of each individual floor.

Drone Photography and Videography

Give your listing a new perspective

When you need to capture a sweeping vista or highlight a central location, nothing emphasizes your listing’s unique characteristics like a drone’s view. With the ability to shoot impossible angles, access hard-to-reach areas, and 400 ft maximum altitude, a drone is the perfect addition to any home, cottage, condo, or farm.

Please note the DMV area has certain restrictions around drone usage. We are FAA-registered and licensed, in compliance with all applicable statutes under the Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107). Note certain jobs may require a special waiver and will need to be planned in advance, particularly those within a 15-mile radius of Reagan National Airport or other Federally-restricted airspaces.

<1,500 FT²

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1,501-2,400 FT²

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2,401-3,600 FT²

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3,601-5,000 FT²

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5,001-7,000 FT²

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7,001-10,000 FT²

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10,000+ FT²

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Please note all prices assume a shoot-ready home. On-site delays over 20 minutes may incur a $45 waiting charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be there?

No. Our professionals are also real estates licensees with Sentrilock access. This is one of the key value-adds that sets us apart.

What if I don’t know the exact square footage?

If you’re just shooting stills, we’ll agree on the best-guess estimate. When shooting Matterport, the camera provides a precise square footage used for billing once the model is processed.

How do I pay you?

Electronic payment is always preferable, with Venmo being ideal. Credit cards are acceptable but subject to a 3.5% processing fee. Cash and checks are also accepted but only on the day of the shoot. We cannot accept mailed checks or other payment.

What If I have a project not covered in your pricing?

If it’s media, we’ll probably handle it. Our team has extensive experience in everything from shooting & editing, to graphic design & branding. If your project is outside our scope, we’ll help you find the right people to connect with.

How long is your turnaround time?

All stills are edited and delivered within 24 hours. Matterport tours are uploaded as soon as possible after our shoot and generally available within 24 hours, while floorplans take about 48 hours to process.

How do you deliver your photos & MAtterport Tour?

Dropbox. We’ll provide a link and host them until you’re able to download them. Matterport links are provided in Unbranded MLS, Branded Social Media, and VR Tour versions. Floorplans are emailed as JPGs.

How many photos do I get?

It depends on the size of the unit. We believe in quality, not quantity. We guarantee you’ll have magazine-caliber shots of major rooms and selling points, as well as exteriors and common areas. When we deliver, we do so in the most appropriate order to give the viewer the experience of walking through your listing. If you have any specific shots you’d like, be sure to let us know.

Do you shoot video as well?

Yes. We have extensive experience in all aspects of video production. It’s less common to get these requests but we’re happy to accommodate any interesting projects or creative concepts.

How far will you travel?

Pretty far. We cover the greater DMV area and most of Northern Virginia. Generally speaking, travel is included in our fee. However we may need to charge a small travel fee for remote or logistically difficult listings.

How long is my matterport available?

The cost of initial hosting is included in the fee and guarantees your 3D tour is active through closing, lease, cancellation, or any other reason your listing is removed. At this point the 3D tour will be archived. In the event you’d like to re-list the same property, an $80 reactivation fee applies and the hosting clock is reset.

Do I own the rights to these photos?

We retain rights to all photos and video we shoot as is customary in our business. You are awarded a single-use, non-transferrable license to use all delivered assets in the sale of your listing. As a courtesy, we permit use of these photos on a personal website or social media account. This does not include advertising or marketing materials. If you’d like to license our work for a marketing campaign or media buy, we’re happy to negotiate a fair licensing fee.

Does your watermark stay on the photos?

As is common with this type of licensing, we retain the right to keep our watermark on our work.

Can i pay per-photo on drone work?

No. Drone pricing above is offered as part of a photography package. Drone-exclusive work is offered but must be quoted on an individual job basis. This includes photography and videography.

How Do I know if my area can be shot with a drone?

The best way to make sure is to reach out. Certain areas of the DMV require a waiver while others are a strict no-fly zone. There are other rules that govern the use of drones that could affect availability in your area. We’re well-versed in most of these and know where to look for anything we’re not familiar with.


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